Artists are the soul of the congress

Cia. Mag Edgard

Opening Gala

The Company of Mag Edgard, surprises for its exquisite staging and for its excellent acting work. Inspired by Tim Burton's characters, they will take us to an extraordinary world full of fantasy.

Roberto Vara

Opening Gala

Roberta Vara is going to be the Master of Ceremonies of the Inaugural Gala. A Gala with a very special flavor. An exceptional magician, with an impressive people skills. He is the Master of Ceremony par excellence!

Kenris Murat

International Gala

Kenris is one of the most prolific magician in the world. His ability to create acts is impressive. Also all excellent. His latest work is with drones instead of doves...

Morgan & Westr

One Man Show - Lecture

Transported in the Victorian era, the Morgan & West show is the best we've seen in our last ten years. With an exquisite presentation and a very sharp sense of humor, they take us to their favorite terrain: The impossible is easy for them.

Pere Rafart

Close Up Gala Show

Pere Rafart is one of the new top exponents of Spanish card magic. Unique, fun and unpredictable. His card routine is fresh, original, abstract ... As he defines himself, he is dedicated to breaking reality.

Dani Daortizr

Close up Gala Show

Excess presentations. The Spanish magician par excellence. Enjoy his wit and his magic. For something is considered one of the best magicians in the world in card magic.

Niek Takens

International Gala

Niek has become a symbol of the manipulative perfection of the world. To see his act is to enter a world of pure poetry where the impossible materializes before our eyes.


Opening Gala

Jaana is a new figure in the world of magic. Her work is a real fresh breath of air. Under the guidance of Master Topas you will guaranteed to be blown away.