Artists are the soul of the congress

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Sergi Buka

Opening Gala & lecture

Sergi Buka, Illusionist, shadow artist and linternist invites us to participate in an authentic magic lantern session.

Also an amazing act with butterflies that will fall in love of his magic style.

Sergio Starman

Close Up Gala

Sergio Starman fooled Penn & Teller with his sensational act.
He  is hosting his own tv show, and is also one of the most popular magicians in Milan 3rd prize at the FISM WCM 2018 in the category Micromagic.


International Gala

The next artist that is the one and only Topas.

He appeared (and disappeared) in numerous tv shows. This is your chance to see him perform live...


Celia Muñoz

International Gala

She has been one of the contestants on Got Talent and has left everyone stunned with her art. It is impressive to see her and hear her live. We will have this opportunity. in Manresa.


Kenris Murat

International Gala

Kenris is one of the most prolific magician in the world. His ability to create acts is impressive. Also all excellent. His latest work is with drones instead of doves... Clever guy!


Master of Ceremony - Awarded Gala

He is a born showman. He has very crazy ideas, is multifaceted and comes from the prestigious and difficult circus school. In each of his appearances, he leaves us wanting and waiting for the next. Excellent Master of Ceremonies!

Pere Rafart

Close Up Gala Show

Pere Rafart is one of the new top exponents of Spanish card magic. Unique, fun and unpredictable. His card routine is fresh, original, abstract ... As he defines himself, he is dedicated to breaking reality.

Dani Daortizr

Close up Gala Show

Excess presentations. The Spanish magician par excellence. Enjoy his wit and his magic. For something is considered one of the best magicians in the world in card magic.

Niek Takens

International Gala

Niek has become a symbol of the manipulative perfection of the world. To see his act is to enter a world of pure poetry where the impossible materializes before our eyes.


International Gala

Jaana is a new figure in the world of magic. Her work is a real fresh breath of air. Under the guidance of Master Topas you will guaranteed to be blown away. Her act is amazing!

Enric Magoo

Opening Gala

Enric is a performer that really knows how to get an audience under the seats of laughter. His comedy timing and magic skills will blow you away and will give you a huge smile that lasts for at least the 5 days.

Miguel Muñoz

International Gala

His act is something you want to see over and over again.

You have to see it live with your own eyes to believe. It is a marvel of a new style of magic. Not in vain, he is the current world champion!

Roberto Vara

Opening Gala

Roberta Vara is going to be the Master of Ceremonies of the Inaugural Gala. A Gala with a very special flavor. An exceptional magician, with an impressive people skills. He is the Master of Ceremony par excellence!

Mario López

Close Up Gala

Mario is world famous for his cigarette act and his loose style of performance.
But during the closeup gala he will show his new act.
If the cigarette act blew your mind, this is something you don't want to miss.

Cia Mag Edgard

Opening Gala

The Company of Mag Edgard, surprises for its exquisite staging and for its excellent acting work. Inspired by Tim Burton's characters, they will take us to an extraordinary world full of fantasy.


Opening Gala

Zenaida is an aerial acrobat that mixes stunning trapeze with object manipulation.

Together with Miguel Muñoz you could know her for her role in the live action Disney movie Dumbo from Tim Burton, as trapeze artist: Catherine the Greater.

Eberhard Riese


Having Eberhard with us is a luxury. If he also give us his lecture and share his ideas with us, it is a unique gift. 

Be ready for an amazing lecture!

Nür - Pau Borrell

Competition Enterteiner

Pau Borrell is Nür, Pau is an unconventional DJ.

He will be in charge of filling the dead times between contestants. Prepare to enjoy the many surprises that are preparing us

Nikolai Striebel

International Gala

He won numerous international awards around the world also with the help of his mentor Eberhard Riese. During the FISM European Magic Championship, Nikolai will perform at the international gala with a sensational act.

Natalie & Eli

International Gala

Natalie & Eli with their amazing quickchange act!

When you see their act, you don't want to blink your eyes otherwise you miss out on all the magical action.

Adrian Soler

International Gala

If we may quote Kevin James, Adrian is a hidden treasure with clever ideas. Agree Kevin! Adrian is one of those illusionists that invents his own magic, and he showed us a demo in a meeting, and our jaws dropped to the floor...

Felix Guyonet

Close Up Gala

There are few artists who have an angel. Just going on stage, they connect with the public. Felix is one of these privileged ones.

His performance is fascinating.