European Championship of Magic

30 June to 4 July 2021

FISM ECManresa

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Domenico Dante

FISM International President

Dear Friends in Magic,


It is my great pleasure to invite you to an endearing meeting, a “face to face” convention, an event with live human quality: the IV FISM EUROPEAN MAGIC CHAMPIONSHIP.


Little by little, the pandemic is lagging behind. The time has come for us, with our best safety and health measures and following all the security rules set by our respective countries, to finally enjoy our FISM ECM.


I wish you all the best in European magic and congratulate all the contestants who will show their skills in our competition.


Welcome to Spain, welcome to Catalonia, welcome to FISM ECManresa 2021!

John Pye

     FISM Europe President

Dear All,


Welcome to the FISM Europe Convention in Manresa in sunny Spain. It seems wonderful to at last we are able to meet friends in person and to see and enjoy live magic.


We hope now with light at the end of the tunnel that the Covid-19 virus has now been defeated -  it has been a long 12 months.


Your Board has been working  very hard to bring together a Convention to be remembered and our thanks must go to them for all their hard work.


Enjoy yourselves and have fun with magic in Manresa, I shall look forward to meeting you.


Best wishes,


John Pye

President FISM Europe


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Cancellation and refund request, deadline: 

15th April

As of this date, returns will only be accepted if, during the week of the Congress, the mobility restrictions set by each country do not allow reaching Manresa.



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FISM ECManresa